• AcV Copper Solution

    KEYLANTM AcV Copper System offer top of the class products for your enterprise networks, the complete systems delivers extraordinary performance which future proof your infrastructure readiness on future high bandwidth requirement. All products are engineered to meet or exceed the stringent requirement set by International standards, giving you ease of mind when you select AcV copper systems for your cabling needs.

    AcV Tool less Module Jacks

    Termination of an AcV Module RJ45 Jack requires only less than 45 seconds to complete, and we guarantee its performance. No tool is required to terminate the cable - it require only minimum hand force and is achievable with the integrated termination cap on the jack - giving AcV Module RJ45 Jack a truly "tool-less" feature. This termination method allows us to guarantee a minimum of 20 cycles of cable re-termination with no impact to the performance of the connection. The unique design of the cable entry prevents untwist of a pair during termination, thus maintaining optimum twist uniformity even at the connector end. This product not only meets but exceeds the NEXT and FEXT international standards, a usually tedious experience using traditional IDC Punchdown Modules especially in Category 6A and Category 6 installation. The shielded solutions using durable Die-cast 360 degree provides easy shield bonding with the cable shield, and guarantees 100% shielding throughout the entire link.

    AcV Modular Panel

    Designed for the sole purpose of saving rack-space without compromising the label space, the AcV modular panels are compatible with AcV RJ45 Jack, fiber and multimedia modules, and allow multi-applications within the panels. Thus no compromising on space for moves, adds, and changes (MACs).  Our unique Half-RU angled or straight modular panels save an up to 1/3 of rack space. Thereby providing  additional RU space to integrate critical equipment within the rack, which is particularly needed in a packed data centre environment.

    AcV Copper Patch Cord

    Integrated with our high performance Plug, the AcV Patch Cord offers the best combination of transmission and security with the Module. Our unique assembly methods and stringent test parameters ensure that all AcV Patch Cords exceed the requirements of international standards. Our RJ45 Plug can be used for at least 750 cycles for insertion/withdrawal, thereby providing consistent performance of MACs. AcV RJ45 Plug is machine molded to the flex cable for ultimate strain relief, preventing any intermittence of the link after prolonged usage.

    AcV Secure Patch Cord

    Using the same technology, the AcV Secure Patch Cord is designed with an integrated embedded security feature that prevents unauthorized network access and safeguards devices and security connections. The disconnection of the Secure Patch Cord requires a unique key to be released from the port. The flexibility of having a Dual-Lock or Single-Lock Secure Patch Cord also gives you an edge in designing your LAN connection. This is highly suitable for data centres as it prevents accidental disconnection of critical mission connections, and is ideal for public accessible areas. 

  • OptiWave Fiber Solution

    Our comprehensive range of KEYLANTM OptiWave Fiber Optics Cables offers you scalability, security and seamless streaming for your fiber optic networks. From indoor premises to inter-building or campus connections, access or direct burial installation. Fiber optic cables of different performance class are available to meet user needs and safety standard requirements.

    OptiWave Enclosure

    The modular design of OptiWave enclosure provides a high density of fiber count within the panel rack space, thus allowing for future expansion without the need for replacement of panels. The front slide out Rackmount panel provides easy access for any MACs. Adapter Plates can also be used for both Rackmount and Wallmount Panel. Our panels come complete with all cable management accessories; no purchase additional items for installation are necessary.

    OptiWave Fiber Assembly

    All OptiWave fiber optic patch cords and pigtails are colour-coded on the connector and boot in accordance to TIA/EIA-568-C.3 colour identification. It provides an easy view of segregated network application. All assembly is 100% tested before shipment, and it comes with a test report on each individual packing.

    OptiWave Connectors and Adapters

    The OptiWave Fiber Optic connectors and adapters are TIA/EIA-604 FOCIS compliant and colour-coded in accordance to TIA/EIA-568-C.3 colour identification. Using Zironia material, which is most suitable for repeated maintaining during any MACs, the OptiWave Fiber Optic connectors and adapters provide you with the right quality for your networks. 

  • Data Center

    As the nerve-centre of any business, data centres and equipment rooms have become a critical component in any business operation. To ensure that business can continue to operate without interruption, the reliability, flexibility and security of data centres are essential. A data centre is designed to centralise information and ensure efficient exchanges and communications among all users within the organisation. A good data centre design takes into consideration the diverse bandwidth-intensive devices, including blade servers, storage systems, backup devices, virtualization appliances and connectivity requirements of networking equipment. It should address not just current requirements but allow for future expansion. To this end, the design of physical infrastructure cabling and the types of the cable used play a significant role in the performance and scalability of the data centres both presently and in the future.

    From a structured cabling solution perspective, data centres require high-speed networks and are characterised by a very high density of passive communication points and active components. Specific cabling solutions that look at long-term needs are not only more efficient, they also extend the lifespan of your network and drive top- and bottom-line profitability, thereby ensuring that the returns of these strategic infrastructural investments are maximised.

    Data Centre Infrastructure

    Data centres must adhere to standard design guidelines and meet the requirements of the latest structured cabling standards. In 2005, the ratification of TIA/EIA-942: Telecommunications Infrastructure Standards for Data Centers ensures uniformity in design and performance. The standard includes facility specifications, functional areas and equipment placement in a hierarchical star topology.

    Cable Options

    Mission-critical data centres and storage area networks (SANs) require reliable, flexible and scalable infrastructures with guaranteed performance. Keystone System+Cable offers a comprehensive selection of high-density copper and fiber optic structured cabling solutions as well as cable management and pathway systems to support these demands.

    A full fiber optic infrastructure guarantees the best performance (10 Gigabit) and is compatible with future 40 to 100 Gigabit networks. However, fiber optic solution is still relatively expensive compared to copper. As such, most data centres today opt for copper cabling infrastructures for economic reasons.

    Category 6A systems offer the best performing solution for 10 Gigabit networks and should support the future 40 Gigabit protocols over short distances (the typical length of links in data centres is 20 metres).

    Within this category, Shielded Category 6A systems are highly recommended for data centre environment. As data centre cabling infrastructures involve a very high concentration of very short links, these cabling solutions minimise cable-to-cable interferences (Alien Cross Talk), which deteriorate the data transmission at high frequencies.

    According to the ISO Standards, Alien Cross Talk parameters are met “by construction” (No field test required) when the Coupling Attenuation (immunity to electromagnetic noises) of the system is higher than 55dB. Keystone System+Cable's Category 6A Shielded solution has a coupling attenuation of 75dB and ensures a very high level of protection against cable-to-cable interference in dense cabling infrastructures.

    The alternative to Shielded Category 6A systems is optical fiber solutions. Our Single-mode and Multi-mode OM4 solutions provide an additional layer of performance and support longer distances, and are designed to future proof physical infrastructures. 

  • Media

    KEYLAN™ Gigabit SFP media converter offer a low-cost integration of different network cabling and equipment interfaces. Our media converter converts up to 1000Base-T to varies choice of fiber optics interfaces via SFP module, comes in complete wavelength for you to choose from. Compliant with IEEE 802.3ab/z, support wide range of network protocols and data rates giving you a cost effective network and scalability. Our 19” Chassis systems, provide redundant power source giving you additional support should power failure or surge.