About Us

KEYLAN™ solutions provide end-to-end structured cabling solutions for data communication networks and high performance, high density cables for extreme environment applications. The solutions cover from patch cords and wall outlets, horizontal cabling to connectivity panels that interface with equipment and data centres.

KEYLAN™ is by Keystone Cable, a leading Singapore-based cable manufacturer and supplier for the regional market. Established since 1990, Keystone Cable is a trusted brand within the cable industry with a perfect track record of honouring all our commitments. As cabling is the main critical component in the system, we have the necessary certifications from UL on our data cables, thus providing the assurance on our system’s quality and reliability. 

Our team of KEYLAN™ Certified Professional Integrator also known as KCPI are experienced in designing and implementing the right system for our customers based on stringent standards. They are professional industrial players and well trained in our solutions, to provide guarantee performance in many years of operation. Our services are offered to customers in a variety of industries, and are deployed for numerous environments and applications, including offices and data centres.

We provide great quality products through strong distribution channels, and ensure rapid critical deployment to our end clients from the factory to distributors to integrators. We believe that by being a partner with our customers and creating value together can we truly achieve long-term sustainability. We look forward to creating such value with you.